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Did you know that God lives in your heart as an actual energy field of extraordinary love, wisdom and power for good?

Scientists at the Institute of Heartmath discovered that the heart has its own intelligence, separate from the brain, which can be tapped into for answers to some of life's most challenging questions. This intelligence is actually a vortex of divine energy that pulses, glows and spins in a magnificent three-quarter time rhythm.

The threefold flame is anchored at the level of our etheric body, so it is not visible to the naked eye, as in open-heart surgeries. It can be felt, however, if you close your eyes and place your attention deeply on your heart. It can also be seen at spiritual levels.

When I was searching for God many years ago, I had a dream one night, and then I realized I wasn't actually sleeping. In the experience I was drawn into the heart and witnessed this magnificent and extraordinary forcefield of light, rotating and radiating the most beautiful energy of love, holiness and all-knowingness. It was like the most beautiful gemstone, but it was also alive, shooting forth sparks of colored light. As I entered into it, the energy enveloped me, in a cosmic interval. Nothing in our physical world could quite match it.

We find references to this flame in all of the major spiritual traditions, especially when we examine the writings of the mystics. A lot of teachings about this flame were also given through the I AM and ascended master teachings.



Understanding our threefold flame is essential to our lives because it is our point of contact with our higher self.

Our threefold flame is made of three energies, with their corresponding color frequency. The sapphire blue plume of divine power, faith and good will, focuses the Alpha energies of Father within us. The golden yellow plume of divine wisdom and illumination focuses the Christic energies of the Son. The soft pink plume of divine love and creativity focuses the Holy Spirit. These three plumes spring from a concentrated focus of white light, the “pearl of great price,” that anchors the light of the Divine Mother.

The vibrancy of our pink plume influences our emotional well being. The vibrancy of our yellow plume influences our mental abilities. And the vibrancy of our blue plume influences our physical vitality. In most people, the threefold flame is one sixteenth of an inch in height and can be increased. For our threefold flame to grow, the three plumes must first come into balance.

In a teaching by Sirius Consulting, we read that negative karmic patterns and psychological weaknesses lead to people have a plume that is shorter, as well as a plume that is taller, than the others. The taller plume relates to our area of competency and pride. The shorter plume corresponds to our area of fragmentation. Every time we express negative thoughts, feelings and actions, we end up suppressing one or more of our plumes and we “dumb down” our divine potential to be whole.

As we learn to balance these divine energies and expand them in our daily interactions and affairs, we walk the path of adeptship in the footsteps of Jesus, Gautama Buddha and all Eastern and Western saints.


To help you, this website is divided into three areas, like the flame in your heart:




On the love page, you will find contemplative teachings to help you balance and expand your threefold flame.

On the wisdom page, read more about your specific threefold flame pattern, and your psychology and well-being.

On the power page, harness the divine energies of your threefold flame to create positive spiritual change in the world.



This video on the threefold flame as the unifying point in all the world religions is also a screensaver you can download—our gift to you.


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We also invite you to read The Legend of the Ancient of Days about the story of Sanat Kumara and the threefold flame at Shamballa.



The Legend of the Ancient of Days


Thank you for taking this time to discover the most amazing thing about yourself—that God lives inside you, waiting to envelop your entire consciousness, being and world.

In light,
Therese Emmanuel Grey







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Neither shall they say, Lo here! or, lo there! for, behold, the kingdom of God is within you.






You are a divine being and the threefold flame of God's love, wisdom and power blazes in your heart. You can balance, expand and intensify this divine flame to experience new levels of spiritual self-mastery, mental clarity, emotional balance and physical healing.

The mystical teachings presented in this book offer a deeper understanding of the four lower bodies, the divine energy currents and chakras running up the spine, and the spiritual centers within the brain. They also reveal how to work with heavenly beings in a tangible way to bring about profound transformational shifts for your life and for the collective consciousness.

† Overcome the psychological mindset of the fallen angels in your daily interactions with others.
Develop a relationship with a sponsoring master who will help you ascend in this life.
Align the twelve starry focal points within your auric field to maximize your spiritual potential.
Meditate on the Great Pyramid of Self to usher in the Christic and Buddhic consciousness that connects you with the heaven world.
Become an anchoring point for the New Jerusalem descending in your physical temple as the City Foursquare.

Brian Emmanuel Grey is a spiritual intuitive who had a near death-experience as a baby and is able to remember his ongoing contact with masters and angels in the heaven world. Psychologist Caroline Hanstke and Therese Emmanuel Grey have also developed the etheric contact that comes from oneness with their sponsoring master. Caroline, Brian and Therese share with you these golden age psychology teachings from the etheric retreats, and have applied them in spiritual workshops, and personal coaching and counseling sessions with thousands of individuals around the world.

Neither shall they say, Lo here! or, lo there! For, behold, the kingdom of God is within you.


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