My Divine Power



We live in an age when there is a lot of turmoil in the earth. This need not be so. The threefold flame, when correctly understood and accessed, becomes more powerful than the most sophisticated weapon. It is God's pure, undiluted light and it transcends time and space. With faith, concentrated effort, and good will, we can call upon it to transform our world for good, as we invoke the intercession of angels and heavenly beings who will, through their own threefold flame, multiply its power.


We Can Change the World

Every time we say a prayer, offer a mantra or give a positive affirmation, we tap into the power of the Word and its creative force. We can also experience that Word being magnified through the light in our heart, reverberating out through the universe to obliterate the darkness and to bless and heal life in every plane of consciousness. This becomes a cosmic service that we engage in each day from that point of intimacy with God in our own heart chalice.

Each time our threefold flame increases, even a sixteenth of an inch, our spiritual growth impacts the entire world in a positive way. This alchemy of the heart is ultimately the contributing factor by which war and terrorism and abortion and pollution will decrease, and peace, prosperity and true brotherhood will increase, nation by nation.






The Threefold Flame Unites Lightbearers of Every Religion


Reconnecting to our threefold flame helps us to remember and to honor the fundamental oneness that unites lightbearers acrtoss the globe in every nation, culture and religion. As penned by Longfellow in The Song of Hiawatha, we deeply understand that,

"All your strength is in your union,
All your danger is in discord;
Therefore be at peace henceforward,
And as brothers live together."

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We are Aquarian mystics. We seek to know God through personal experience, and to be one with that experience.

We walk a path of spiritual adeptship in the footsteps of the great teachers of East and West, and serve to set life free.

We commune with the ascended masters and angels of the Heaven-world through the love of the Holy Spirit.

We worship the light in every heart and in every religion.

• Like Kabbalists of old, we labor to restore Adam Kadmon, to heal the divided body of God.

• Like Buddhists, we are mindful that love heals, and that hatred never ceases by hatred.

• Like Sufis, we proclaim there is only one God.

• Like Zoroastrians, we understand that that God is a living, sacred fire.

• Like Hindus, we worship that flame as the Atman within each heartbeat.

• Like Native Americans, we honor the flying eagle.

• Like Christians, we usher in the New Jerusalem and the City Foursquare as a divine blueprint that can manifest through us.


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