My Divine Wisdom


The greatest gift we can give to ourselves and to others is a balanced threefold flame. As our plumes come into balance, we anchor new levels of spiritual, mental, emotional and physical self-mastery.


The Impact on our Psychology

Sirius Consulting teaches that until our threefold flame is balanced, we tend to indulge in negative karmic behaviors. We rely on subconscious fight-flight coping mechanisms we inherited from our family, especially when confronted with challenging people and circumstances.

Our plumes are out of balance because over lifetimes, we were misguided into selfishly favoring one of the three divine qualities over the others. This momentum is deeply engrained in our psychology and in our astrology, until we overcome it. It even triggers specific hormonal cascades within our physical body. Our tall plume ties into our sun sign. Our medium plume ties into our ascendant and our lower plume ties into our moon sign. Our threefold flame pattern is also directly influenced by the subconscious relationship triangle we established as a child with our parents.
The more we understand where our threefold flame pattern is unbalanced, the more we can overcome its limitations. An unbalanced threefold flame has a taller plume, a shorter plume, and a middle plume that rests somewhere between the two.
Our tall plume is our area of core competency and deepest pride. Our middle plume is the area of competency where we tend to be more trustworthy. And our short plume is our area of fragmentation, where we experience the most humiliation. As we move through life, we look for circumstances that allow us to shine with our tall plume strength, or to stay in our middle plume comfort zone. We try and avoid situations that reveal our short plume deficiency, even though those uncomfortable situations are actually opportunities for us to exercize our short plume so that we can ultimately raise it. We also tend to capitalize on our tall plume strength at the expense of others who demonstrate weakness in the area of our strength. We do this to express conscious or subconscious superiority over others, in an attempt to medicate ourselves for this lack of wholeness we feel down inside.


The Impact on our Sense of Well Being

Our three plumes relate to our brain centers, lower organs and hormonal balance. The vitality of our pink plume directly relates to the vitality of our pineal gland, and has an effect upon the health of our kidneys. The hormonal release associated with the pink plume is acetylcholine. The vitality of our yellow plume directly relates to the vitality of our pituitary gland and has an effect upon the health of our liver. The hormonal release associated with the yellow plume is testosterone from the anterior pituitary and estrogen from the posterior pituitary. The vitality of our blue plume directly relates to the vitality of our cerebellum and has an effect upon the health of our adrenals. The hormonal release associated with our blue plume is adrenaline.


The Impact on our Personality

People with an unbalanced—tall or short—blue plume tend to suffer from a variety of physical addictions. It is a greater challenge for them to discipline themselves physically. People with an unbalanced yellow plume tend to accumulate all kinds of knowledge, clippings, and even librairies, to make up for their internal lack or excess of intellectual prowess. People with an unbalanced pink plume are overly demonstrative emotionally and become hooked on the emotional dramas they generate around them. They find it harder to live in peace.
People with tall pink plumes tend to have more emotional intelligence. They intuitively understand the impact of their thoughts, feelings and actions upon others. They often capitalize on this ability and can become emotionally manipulative. They have a great sense of compassion and kindness, but if they have a short yellow plume, they don't think things through very well and defer to their emotional response, even if it is untethered. If they have a short blue plume, they find it harder to channel their sense of compassion into a meaningful form of action and can become at odds with action-oriented people.
People with a tall blue plume tend to have more physical energy and have more of a mechanical intelligence. They know how to get things done effectively. If their pink plume is shortest however, they lack emotional intelligence and tend to run over others in the process of doing. They act without taking other people into consideration and their efforts often lack a touch and quality of care. If their shortest plume is yellow, they tend to act impulsively. They don's stop long enough to fully running a scenario through their mind first, with all of the potential ramifications.
People with a tall yellow plume tend to be very motivated intellectually and are intelligent in a traditional, mental way. If their blue plume is shortest, they find it hard to go out and put their ideas into an action that will bring them to fruition. If their pink plume is shortest, they will lack kindness in how they come across and not take into consideration the negative aspects that their ideations and intellectial prejudices may have on others.
One of the ways to help balance our threefold flame is to meditate on the rising kundalini energies on the spine known as the ida (pink), the pingala (yellow) and the blue (shushumna.) As we meditate on these rising energies with an intense love for God, they ascend the spinal column. They penetrate and activate each of our chakras, and then center in the heart as a radiating forcefield of light that merges with the love, wisdom and power of our threefold flame.




The teaching above is © Sirius Consulting